Acoustic Noise Generator


Team Corporation's MK VI (150,000 W) and MK VII (200,000 W) Acoustic Generators consist of a servo-hydraulic actuator driving a specialized reciprocating poppet valve that provides modulation of a high-pressure airstream. This design has proven to be the most effective sound source for large reverberant and progressive wave tube test chambers, providing extreme power handling capabilities with high efficiency. Peak acoustic pressures of approximately 60% of the supply pressure are produced downstream of the poppet valve.



  • Reliable Servohydraulic Actuator
  • Specially Designed Reciprocating Poppet Valve
  • Exact Modulation of Gas Flow
  • Highly Efficient Gas Flow
  • Low Maintenance


  • Reverberant Chamber
  • Progressive Wave Tube
  • Satellite Testing
  • Spacecraft Testing