Torsional Vibration Table

Torsional Vibration Table
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Team Corporation's Torsional Vibration Table (TVT) provides the option to convert linear vibration into torsional vibration, thus expanding your shaker's capability. Use of a specially designed Torsional Vibration Table is the only way to achieve torsional vibration at frequencies above 1,000 Hz. The TVT is perfect for conducting torsional vibration studies of computer hard drives and sensitive electronic components.


  • Three Hydrostatic Bearing Surfaces
  • Rigid Spherical Drive Coupling
  • Customer Specified Insert Pattern
  • Extends Linear Actuator Capability
  • Reaction Base height Adjustable to Match Existing Shaker Centerline


  • Rotational Tests of Heavy Payloads
  • Electrical Component Testing
  • Aviation Guidance Systems Testing
  • Computer Hard Drive Testing
  • Hi Frequency Excitation*

*Shaker Dependent