About Us

Team Corporation designs, builds and delivers high-performance vibration test systems and related components for the world's most challenging applications.

Vibration testing technology has resulted in a steady improvement in product quality, reliability, passenger comfort, and public safety, and has become indispensable in assuring optimal performance. Team Corporation, the pioneer and quality leader in this exacting field, has become the most trusted name in the vibration testing industry. Since 1954, Team Corporation has contributed to the development of the world's most advanced space, automotive, rail transportation, electronics, defense, packaging, telecommunications, seismic and oil exploration programs.

Headquartered in the United States, Team proudly delivers vibration testing solutions around the world including North and South America, across Europe including the UK, Germany and France, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.


In 1954, Team Corporation was founded by Vern Tauscher who began by manufacturing hydraulically driven rivet guns for the aircraft manufacturing industry. Demand for spacecraft development allowed Team to design and manufacture specialty equipment for use in early spacecraft testing ...

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Guiding Principles

Our company was founded on the principle that designing and building complex testing equipment requires an unusually high degree of teamwork between equipment designers and end users. Since 1954, that principle has served us and our customers well.

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About Skagit Valley

Team is located in picturesque Skagit Valley, approximately 50 miles north of Seattle, Washington, USA and just 76 miles south of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Well regarded for its mix of agriculture, technology, artistic, coastal communities, tourism and world class outdoor actvities, Skagit Valley is ...

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Team’s Corporate offices is located 85 miles (137 kilometers) north of SEATAC (SEA) International Airport and 35 miles (56 kilometers) south of Bellingham (BLI) International Airport. Click here for additional details.

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Test and Research Lab Partners

Environmental test laboratories understand the value of durability testing and its influence on safety, reliability, and profitability ... 

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