Guiding Principles

Team Corporation will work closely with you to understand your requirements and preferences. We will propose a system that meets those requirements and fits within your constraints. We will be clear about the advantages and disadvantages of the system we propose, giving you the information necessary to make informed decisions. By sharing our experience with the test engineers who specify and use your system, we can help maximize performance, reduce costs, and accelerate the delivery of your system.

From the first hydraulic shakers, to the recent introduction of the first 6-degree-of-control systems, Team Corporation has introduced a long list of innovations. We have developed solutions for vibration testing of armaments and missiles, automobile components and vehicles, communication satellites, instrumentation of all types, military and civilian aircraft components, and shipping containers. And Team Corporation is making important advances in the field of seismic testing.

Customer Satisfaction

Our primary goal is to satisfy you, our customer. We will deliver only the highest quality product, back it with a solid warranty, and provide excellent service. Our products will meet your needs and expectations, and will give you years of trouble-free service.


We will never compromise our integrity. Our commitment is to deliver the system we quote, with the performance we quote, at the price we quote. We will honor our warranty, and support our equipment throughout its useful life.


We are, and will continue to be, the leaders in vibration test equipment engineering and manufacturing. We have earned this position by consistently delivering the highest performance, most reliable hardware available. We will vigorously continue with product improvement and new product development.


Our field service engineers and technicians are highly skilled, and each of them has served a long apprenticeship at the factory. Armed with keen interpersonal skills and years of experience in the field they are at your service day and night anywhere in the world to keep your system in top condition.