HydraBall Hydrostatic Bearing Ball Joint


The Team Corporation HydraBall is a hydrostatic bearing, oil-supported ball joint with non-contacting surfaces. Using the HydraBall instead of conventional rod ends saves time and improves test results because no greasing or adjustment is required. The Hydraball provides a zero backlash, zero friction coupling that offers an extremely stiff direct load path. HydraBalls are a low-noise, cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free replacement to conventional rod ends.

The HydraBalls' smaller package and revolutionary design eliminates pin shear associated with typical clevis pin assemblies. There are no high-pressure seals to wear out or cause friction to compromise test results. The Team HydraBall requires only 0.2 gpm (.751 lpm) of oil at 3,000 psi (205 Bar).



  • Direct Load Path
  • Eliminates Backlash
  • Eliminates Friction
  • Easy to Install
  • Offers flexibility on Installation
  • Low Maintenance, Long Life Product


  • MAST Tables
  • Load Frames
  • Multi Axis Systems