Team Corporation is a leading engineering and manufacturing company and has contributed to the development of the world’s most advanced aerospace, automotive, rail transportation, electronics, defense, packaging, telecommunications, seismic and oil exploration programs. Since 1954, our talented engineers have collaborated with many high profile global organizations to develop high-performance servohydraulic and electrodynamic vibration test systems that cater to the unique needs of our customers. Each system leverages the extensive experience we've gained in the many industries we've served. We invite you to explore each market below for a comprehensive list of Team Corporation’s systems and components designed to improve your products and services.


Avionics is just one of many specialized development fields utilizing Team Corporation systems for durability and validation testing. Team Corporation’s aerospace testing solutions are trusted by the world’s leading space exploration and satellite development programs.


Automotive manufacturers strive to develop quieter, safer, and more reliable vehicles. Team Corporation’s automotive test systems offer many superior solutions for NVH, BSR, durability, chassis, hybrid & electric vehicle battery and drive train development.


Team Corporation designs and delivers vibration testing solutions in support of all commercial and defense-related electronics development applications, including printed circuit boards, hard drives, cellular phones, and sensitive communications equipment.


The demands of the defense industry are constantly changing. Team Corporation’s shock and vibration systems have provided support for more than 40 years of advancement. From safer personnel carriers to smarter missile guidance systems to more reliable combat communications, Team Corporation continues to provide solutions for a variety of mission-critical needs.

Oil Field

Oil field exploration requirements continue to push the thresholds of critical drilling equipment. Team Corporation’s specialty Measurement While Drilling and Down Hole Logging vibration test systems advance the reliability of critical drilling tools.


Team Corporation’s earthquake simulation systems limits are defined by our customers and designed by our experts. Whether your seismic testing requires single or multi-axis simulation, our customized seismic systems will meet your exacting requirements.

Special Projects

For testing applications that require unique design elements or one-of-a-kind test solutions, Team Corporation's experienced engineers listen, define and design to our customer's exact requirements. When other companies say "it can't be done,” Team Corporation has a solution. Our high-performance vibration testing solutions push the envelope.