NASA Begins Testing on the Orion Project in 2 Weeks

In two weeks, NASA will test the first major component of the Orion program at the Plum Brook Space Power Facility located in Sandusky, Ohio. The Orion project will be the first American manned mission beyond low earth orbit since the Apollo program in 1972, and launch is expected to take place in about six years. Before that time, NASA will put the space craft through rigorous testing to ensure that it can withstand the violence of launch and space travel.  

Curt Nelson, a member of Team Corporation’s aerospace and military sales division, worked closely with NASA to help develop a plan for a one of a kind test system that could simulate these specific environments, and hold a test object as massive as Orion.

Commenting on the project he stated:

“In March 2007, Team Corporation began the development of what became, over 4 years later, the world’s most powerful vibration test system and reverberant acoustic test facility. Team’s vibration system is based upon decades of experience developing powerful actuators coupled to high value payloads via hydrostatic bearings. The resulting system is a significant departure from tradition, designed from the outset to permit testing of a 75 foot tall, 72,000 lbs. spacecraft in each of three directions without need for repositioning, or reconfiguration, of either the spacecraft or the test system.  The reverberant chamber is powered by Team’s acoustic modulators, each delivering over 4 times more acoustic energy than their nearest competitor.  These two world-class systems, located in NASA’s Plum Brook site in Northern Ohio, form the heart of the Space Power Facility, specifically designated to validate large spacecraft for launch and deployment readiness.”

For a look inside NASA’s Plumbrook Facility, follow these links to watch short news segments that show the testing systems designed by Team Corporation: