Test and Research Lab Partners

Environmental test laboratories understand the value of value of durability testing and its influence on safety, reliability and profitability. Team Corporation supplies state-of-the-art test equipment for reproducing vibration, fatigue, shock, seismic, package testing and other NVH profiles to many of the world's leading test facilities. Together, these innovative systems operated by skilled technicians offer the most efficient testing methodology to minimize cost and maximize results. Contact one of our Test Lab Partners today to begin your critical test path.

Acoustic Vibration Testing (to 163dB)

Within NASA's Space Power Facility (SPF) lies the worlds largest reverberant acoustic test facility (RATF) of its kind.

Multi Axis Testing & Research- CUBE (5-500Hz)

Experior Laboratories Inc. (https://experiorlabs.com/)

Services include environmental, military, electrical, fiber optic, telecom, space and EN, SAE, IEC and ASTM standard testing. Environment testing such as altitude, cyclic corrosion, fire and flammability, fluid susceptibility, fungus, mechanical and thermal shock, salt spray, sand and dust, temperature, humidity, tensile, compression, thermal vacuum, ultraviolet, weathering and vibration testing are available. Space hardware testing services are available for critical applications. Markets served include industrial component and system manufacturers, contractors, system integrators, aerospace, military, medical, shipboard and telecommunications. Services meet international test specifications and military standards.

Calsonic Kansei - USA (http://www.calsonic.com)

What's important to you, is important to us - cost, quality, performance, delivery and environmental impact.

Millbrook - UK (http://millbrook.co.uk/)
Millbrook is one of Europe's leading locations for the development and demonstration of every type of land vehicle, from motorcycles and passenger cars to heavy commercial, military and off-road vehicles.

We're an innovative company focused on creating the future of advanced vehicle and systems technology.

Smithers Pira's UK lab was re-developed in 2005 to provide state of art testing facilities to clients from throughout Europe.
Purdue University, Ray W. Herrick Labs - USA (https://engineering.purdue.edu/Herrick/AboutUs/index.html )

An institution dedicated to graduate education and engineering research with emphasis on technology transfer to industry

Multi Axis Testing & Research- Tensor (5-5000Hz)

CALCE...is dedicated to providing a knowledge and resource base to support the development of competitive electronic components, products and systems.

Seismic Testing

Alpha Technology - USA (http://www.asetlab.com/)

Seismic and Environmental Test (ASET) Laboratory provides testing over a wide range of test conditions. ASET can provide a cost effective way to test ideas or find problems when solutions are easier and cheaper to implement - before final design.

Curtis Straus - USA (http://www.curtis-straus.com/)
Our team strives to provide precise, consistent and impartial testing, expert design advice and expeditious, thorough reporting.
Dayton T Brown - USA (http://daytonbrown.com/)
No matter which industry you are a part of, the experts in our testing lab will work closely with you to provide competitive pricing, low project cost and Quality testing services.

Element is a global platform of laboratories with Engaged Experts specializing in materials testing and product qualification testing in industries where failure is not an option.

Met Labs - USA (http://www.metlabs.com/)

MET Laboratories offers a unique array of testing services and accreditations, and partners with leading laboratories to offer comprehensive global compliance solutions.

NTS Labs - Global (http://www.nts.com/)
NTS is prepared to meet any challenge. Because helping you achieve your goals is how we achieve ours!
SMQ - China (http://www.smq.com.cn)

SMQ provides quality assurance testing, certification, calibration, technical advice and training in compliance with ILAC-MRA.

Quanta Labs - USA (http://www.quantalabs.com/)
For over 20 years, we have supported the product testing requirements of the nation's computer, fiber optics, telecommunications, medical, food, aerospace/defense, and other high-tech electronic industries.

Application of analytical and experimental approaches to the investigation of the effects of earthquakes and other extreme hazards on constructed.

Rail Car Testing (5-500Hz)

TTCI is a world-class transportation research and testing organization, providing emerging technology solutions for the railway industry throughout North America and the world.