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Vibration testing technology has driven the steady improvement in product quality, reliability, passenger comfort, and public safety, and has become indispensable in assuring optimal performance.

For nearly seven decades, our innovators and engineering thought leaders have been trusted to design and deliver vibration test systems that have pushed the limits in this exacting field. Today, with our unrivaled experience and expertise, Team Corporation is uniquely positioned to help you drive advancements with our proven high-performance vibration test systems.


Team Corporation’s vibration test systems have contributed to the development of the world’s most advanced aerospace, automotive, rail transportation, electronics, defense, packaging, telecommunications, oil exploration, and seismic programs.


Technical Library

Innovation and Insight from decades of vibration test systems development

Access application notes, white papers, and presentations covering the theory, design and evolution of vibration test systems and testing methodologies.


Vibration Test Systems

High-frequency, high-performance hydraulic vibration test systems for vertical, horizontal, multi-axis, rotary, and acoustic testing applications.
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Precision engineered slip tables, actuators, head expanders, hydraulic power supplies, bearings, couplings, and torsional vibration tables.
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Advanced Technologies for Vibration Testing of Large, High Value, Test Articles

Advanced Technologies for Vibration Testing of Large, High Value, Test Articles

A post-event message from NVT Group member companies Data Physics and Team Corporation. In case you missed it, we have posted the presentation given by …

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Join us at the 92nd Shock and Vibration Symposium

92ND Shock and Vibration Symposium

Join us at the 92nd Shock and Vibration Symposium September 18-22, 2022 | DENVER, COVisit us in booth G14 Our shock and vibration test system …

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A closer look at some recently produced precision components.

Next-level precision drives extreme shock, vibration, and acoustic test system performance.

Typical vibration test system components are designed, engineered, subjected to FEA and then CNC machined. Most of our competitors would say: “that’s good enough”. At …

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