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Multi-Degree of Freedom Shakers and Multi-Axis Test Systems Overview

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Team Corporation – Where High Performance Vibration Testing Solutions Push the Envelope

Team Corporation Overview

Tensor 18 kN Advanced High Frequency (2000 Hz) 6 DoF Vibration Test System

U.S. Army Relies on Multi Degree of Freedom Vibration Testing with Team Corporation’s Tensor System

A Closer Look at one of Team Corporation’s Large Capacity 6 DoF Vibration Test Systems

The Orion Service Module Undergoes Vibration Testing at NASA Glenn’s Plum Brook Station

The CUBE™ simulates real-world 6 Degree of Freedom vibration with complete, simultaneous control of amplitude and phase up to 500 Hz

The Subsidiary Shock Test System (SSTS) has conclusively shown the ability to reproduce the entire acceleration time-history resulting from detonation of the test charge as described in MIL-S-910D

Team Corporation’s CUBE is the first compact multi axis vibration system in the market, and the only 6 DoF system with five separate mounting surfaces

Team Corporation’s Full Vehicle NVH 4-Poster Vibration Test System

Team Corporation’s versatile hi-performance NEBS GR-63 earthquake simulation system

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