900 Series Engine Simulation System

Real-life testing is crucial in today’s automotive industry. Team Corporation has developed the 900 Series Engine Simulation System to accurately reproduce the torsional pulsations found on an engine’s crankshaft.

With speeds up to 8,000 rpm, dynamic torque output up to 3,300 ft-lbs (4520 N-m) and torsional frequencies in excess of 600 Hz, Team Corporation’s 900 Series Engine Simulators are easily configured to reproduce engine dynamics of virtually any displacement and number of cylinders.

All Team Corporation actuators are fatigue rated and well suited for long term F.E.A.D. testing and analysis.

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  • Speeds up to 8,000 rpm
  • Dynamic torque output up to 3,300 ft-lbs (4520 N-m)
  • Torsional frequencies in excess of 600 Hz
  • Digital PC-based control system with easy-to-use Graphical User Interface
  • Easily programmed to simulate any number of cylinders and torque characteristics
  • Integral drive motors up to 100 hp (75 kW) or use existing prime movers
  • Simulation of engine crankshaft torsional vibration
  • Front Engine Accessory Drive (FEAD) development and analysis
  • Analysis of FEAD noise characteristics
  • Evaluation of torsional vibration dampers, couplings, gears, transmissions, clutches, transfer cases, drivelines and belt drives
  • Analysis of transmission and transfer case gear rattle
  • Simulation of pre-production engines
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