EX Series Hydraulic Actuators

Team Corporation’s EX Series Actuator is a high performance, versatile and cost-effective vibration test system component. EX Series Actuators have been developed specifically for vibration testing and integrated test systems requiring high force, long stroke or high frequency capability. The EX Series Actuator will provide continuous, consistent and reliable test results year after year.

Team Corporation’s EX Series Actuators are double acting, double ended, hydrostatically lubricated and designed to be stiff both mechanically and hydraulically. This is achieved by using a heavy body cross-section, a large diameter one-piece piston shaft and by keeping the trapped oil volume to a minimum. The actuator piston is internally supported by a thin film of high-pressure oil, commonly referenced as a hydrostatic bearing. This feature eliminates metal-to-metal contact, providing virtually infinite piston life. To provide position feedback, an LVDT (linear variable displacement transformer) is mounted concentrically within the piston shaft.

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  • Internal LVDT
  • Hydraulic Cushions
  • Over 500 Hz. capability
  • Hydrostatic Bearing Supported Piston
  • Fatigue Rated One-Piece Rod & Piston
  • Internal Porting-No External Drain Lines
  • Compatible with Team, MOOG and Industrial Servovalves
  • Low Pressure Seals (No annual teardown / seal replacement)
  • Spherical Bearings and Zero-Backlash Hydrostatic End Connections Available
  • MAST Tables
  • Load Frames
  • Multi-Axis Systems
  • Seismic Simulation Systems
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