Mantis™ 6-DoF (Hydrostatic MAST Table) Vibration Test System

MANTIS™ is the system of choice for those requiring high frequency, large displacement, and extended payload capacity.

Through the use of hydrostatic bearing technology pioneered by Team Corporation in the vibration test market, MANTIS™ has the performance to simulate real-world events that were previously unattainable.

Custom engineering is a hallmark of Team Corporation. MANTIS™ can meet a wide variety of testing needs, as it is available in a standardized model and can also be customized to fit special requirements.

Table size, payload capacity, stroke length and a wide range of excitation levels are possible. All bearing surfaces are hydrostatic, eliminating the noise inherent with mechanical bearing designs.

The high load carrying capacity and extreme stiffness of hydrostatic bearings make them ideal for reacting loads for extended time periods. An added benefit is the absence of metal-to-metal contact, eliminating friction and consequently improving long-term performance.

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  • Frequency 0 – 100 Hz
  • Force ratings up to 150 kN
  • Single axis to 6 axis vibration
  • Displacements up to 150 mm
  • Table size: 1.5 m x 2.1 m
  • Friction-free hydrostatic bearings
  • Hydrostatic bearings for bell cranks
  • Hydrostatic HydraBall connections on all actuators
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Automotive BSR (Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle) testing
  • Seat Testing
  • Automotive Component Testing
  • Recreation Equipment Rack Testing
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