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Innovation and Insight from decades of vibration test systems development

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Multi-Degree of Freedom

A 6DoF Vibration Specification Development Methodology

A Three Directional Vibration Test System by Fred Edgington WSMR

Bringing Broadband 6DoF Vibration into the Lab with Tensor 18kN

Comparison of Electronic Components Durability Under Uni-Axial and Multi-Axial Random Vibration

Comparisons of Simultaneous and Sequential Durability Testing

CUBE Multi-Sine Shock and Vibration Testing

Defining the Global Error of a MIMO Vibration Test

Design and Integration of Large Capacity 6DoF System US Army Redstone

Development of 6DoF Motion Replication Based Production Acceptance Test

Estimating CUBE 6DoF Performance

Evaluation of a 6DoF Electrodynamic Shaker System

Experimentation Using Single and Multi-Axis Vibration

Global Error of a Multi-Axis Vibration Test

Historical Development of High-Performance Multi-Axis Vibration Test Systems

Improved Reliability Testing with Multi-Axial Electrodynamics Vibration

Installation and Testing the 6DoF CUBE Vibration Test System

MIMO Testing Methodologies

Multi-Axis Testing of Underwing and Ground Vehicle Weapon Systems

Multi-Axis Vibration Reduces Test Time

Multi-Shaker Upgrade at ESTEC ESA

Novel Approach Improves Electronics Reliability in Next Generation US Army UGV

Response Comparison of Simple Structure to Single and Multi-Axis Random Vibration

Simulate and Stimulate – Creating a Versatile 6DoF Vibration Test System

Sound and Vibration Magazine 6DoF Testing Article

Spatial Requirements for Transducer Mapping

Structural Developments Improve High Frequency Vibration Testing on The CUBE 6DoF System

TENSOR Multi-Axis Vibration System

The CUBE 6DoF Dynamics Analysis for Road Reproduction Dynamics

Time Domain and Frequency Domain Techniques for Multi-Shaker Time Waveform Replication

Validation Techniques for 6DoF Vibration Data Acquisition


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