Customer Spotlight: Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division

At the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) test and evaluation division in Dahlgren, Virginia, USA, qualification testing is done on everything from grenades to computer systems to missiles.

Their mission is to deliver equipment to the war fighter that will survive any of the harsh environments the equipment will likely be subjected to. The Team Corporation-designed test systems deployed at the test division simulate the real-world environmental inputs in the laboratory, ensuring repeatable results.

One versatile Team Corporation system in use by NSWCDD offers both horizontal and vertical vibration testing. It was designed to test containers at various lengths. Below is an image showing the dual-shaker configuration in push/pull with a long container. The system has air-bearings installed on the base to allow the user to float the bases and move them into position on a large, very flat reaction mass. They incorporate unique T-film bearings with additional side-to-side motion and a “Keel” bearing (preloaded pad bearings on a keel bolted to the table) to allow for small amounts of Yaw constraint without causing damage to the table/actuator/payload during any out of phase behavior of the actuators.

Dual-shaker vibration testing system testing a long metal container.

Below: The same system with the slip tables positioned much closer together.

Dual-shaker vibration testing system at NSWCDD in Dahlgren, Virginia.

Below is another Team Corporation system in use by NSWCDD that features a modular T-film slip table system comprised of three smaller tables that join together for horizontal vibration testing.

Three shaker and T-film slip table setup for horizontal vibration testing at NSWCDD.

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