Slip Tables

Slip tables allow for horizontal and three-axis vibration shaker testing while maintaining the sample’s orientation to ensure optimal accuracy. These hydrostatic-bearing vibration tables perform testing along the horizontal axis while maximizing rotation efficiency.

You can ensure exceptional product quality when performing vibration tests with reliable and efficient slip tables from Team Corporation. We design and manufacture high-performance vibration test systems that help our customers push the limits.

Benefits of a Team Slip Table

Our slip tables feature our patented T-Film hydrostatic bearing system, which delivers unmatched overturning moment capacity and full low-pressure oil support. Comprising a network of precision-machined, modular T-Film bearings, our slip tables can be configured to your unique load requirements and test article size. Their multiple bearings also give them exceptional damping and dynamic stability for more accurate test results. You can extend the performance and longevity of your existing test system by upgrading to a high-performance T-film slip table.

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Improve your test system performance and accuracy with slip tables from Team Corporation. Our experienced test engineers are dedicated to helping you maximize performance while reducing costs.

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