T-Film Slip Tables

Slip tables are used for horizontal vibration shaker testing.

Often copied, but never duplicated – Team Corporation’s unique, patented T-Film bearing system offers an exceptional overturning moment capacity combined with the full low pressure oil support of granite or journal bearing oil film type slip tables. This Vibration testing table system is assembled from a number of modular T-Film bearings. Each bearing measures 12″ x 12″ (300 mm x 300 mm) and allows the slip table to be configured to the customer’s test article size and load requirements.

The use of multiple bearings to completely support and guide the Vibration testing slip plate offers excellent dynamic stability and damping for better test results. The design of the T-Film bearing provides a direct load path from the slip plate to the base, and is much more rigid than other guidance systems.

With a standard stroke limit of 2.5 inches (62.5 mm) and available stroke of up to 12 inches (300 mm), Team Corporation’s T-Film bearings will work with all modern long stroke shaker systems. You can extend the performance envelope and longevity of your existing test system by upgrading to a high-performance T-film slip table.

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The high-performance T-Film slip table offers flexibility and durability for a range of testing scenarios. Features include:

  • Very high dynamic load capacity
  • Excellent cross-axis control
  • Outstanding dynamic stiffness
  • Multiple load carrying bearings
  • Low pressure oil system
  • Team hydrostatic bearing design
  • Easy to switch to smaller slip plate Applications

Applications for our slip table systems are far-reaching. Common use scenarios include:

  • Electronic component testing
  • Thermal + vibration with large fixtures
  • Long stroke low frequency testing
  • Large cabinet testing
  • Satellite testing w 3m x 3m Table
  • High CG test articles
  • Mil STD testing to 2000 Hz
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