Hydraulic Power Supplies

Team Corporation’s hydraulic power supplies are designed for use with our components or for integration with components manufactured by others. Each of our hydraulic power supplies is equipped with an integrated heat exchanger, high and low pressure interlocks for safe start up and reliable operation, multi-level filtration required for servo-hydraulic systems, and health monitoring sensors to identify temperature, pressure and filter condition.

Each Team Corporation hydraulic power supply is sized specifically to accommodate the pressure and flow requirements of our high-performance servovalves. Many of our hydraulic power supplies are available with an optional quiet motor and pump assembly.

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  • Built-in heat exchangers with water saving valves*
  • High and low flow modes for safe start-up
  • Filtration to keep the oil in the ISO 15/13/10 condition required for servo systems
  • Health monitoring sensors including oil temperature and level pressure and filter condition.
  • Available in 3000-5000 psi (207 – 355 bar).

*Except HPS-6A (205-344 Bar)

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