Vertical Vibration Test Systems

Team Corporation’s vertical vibration system is particularly advantageous for vibration tests requiring high force, long stroke, or very low-frequency capability. With control software options of sine, random, sine on random, random on random, or resonant search & dwell, your Team vertical vibration system will provide consistent, reliable test results year after year.

Team Application Engineers will evaluate your requirements and determine the appropriate actuator force, stroke and velocity requirements to provide the highest frequency response within your budget constraints. Team vertical vibration test systems are available with an air isolated seismic base that will eliminate low-frequency vibration transfer and allow placement in your test facility with no modifications to the standard industrial floor structure.

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  • Team high-precision valves for over 500 Hz. capability
  • Force range: 2,000 – 50,000 lbf. (9 kN to 222 kN)
  • Dynamic Stroke range 50mm – 255mm
  • Magnesium or Aluminum head expanders
  • Standard head expander sizes 24 in -72 in (600 mm-1.8 m)
  • Air isolated seismic bases
  • Designed for high-frequency vibration testing from the base up
  • Hydrostatic bearing supported piston
  • No annual tear down / seal replacement
  • Package Testing – Large Screen Televisions, Computer Monitors
  • Automotive Seat, Instrument Panel, 4-Post systems
  • Buzz, Squeak and Rattle Quality Testing
  • Engine and Engine Accessory Testing
  • Military Transportation Canister Testing
  • Bridged Test Article Testing Utilizing Dual Vertical Systems
  • Product Qualification Testing
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