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By focusing on ever-expanding customer needs, Experior Laboratories has become one of the fastest growing independent test laboratories in North America. Team Corporation is excited to deliver this new high-performance, custom 72” x 72” T-Film slip table to Experior. The addition of a new shaker system and this unique T-Film slip table will help expand Experior’s testing capabilities, thus opening the door to new opportunities while also differentiating them from competitive test labs.

Paul Hogue, North American Sales Executive, gives a brief overview of Experior Laboratories’ new Team Corporation T-Film slip table.
Experior Labs’ Gerrit Lane explains how the addition of a new shaker system and a high-performance, custom 72” x 72” Team Corporation T-Film slip table will help Experior Labs reach a new level.

Advantages of the T-Film Slip Table
Trusted by NASA. Proven and patented, the T-Film bearings give this slip table many advantages.

Unlike a traditional slip plate resting on an oil film over a granite surface, this table has a slip plate supported by a continuous five-by-five grid of Team Corporation’s patented T-Film hydrostatic bearings.

Versus standard oil film and linear bearings, the unique inverted T-shape of the Team Corporation bearings provides improved stiffness, load transfer, and moment transfer to the reaction base. This minimizes slip plate deflections and cross-axis vibration. This also allows for test articles with a much higher overturning moment and exceptional yaw restraint compared to conventional designs. In addition, the hydrostatic bearings have significantly increased load capability – meaning the table can accommodate much heavier articles.

And because the slip plate has full coverage provided by the continuous grid of bearings, parts of any shape or size can bolt directly over a T-Film bearing, allowing for direct transmission of virtually all test object loads directly into the base. This technology allows the bearings to behave as if they were a solid block of aluminum – the typical material of choice for T-Films. 

To ensure these pieces fit together seamlessly, the shaker and slip table are bolted directly to a custom-machined base. Precision alignment and commissioning of the table was done onsite with Team personnel with the help of our Leica laser tracker with Verisurf. The laser tracker saves a 3 dimensional map of the slip plate precise to better than one thousandth of an inch, which can be used to monitor movement or wear over time relative to both the machined base and the steel building columns.

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