Next-level precision drives extreme shock, vibration, and acoustic test system performance.

Typical vibration test system components are designed, engineered, subjected to FEA and then CNC machined. Most of our competitors would say: “that’s good enough”.

At Team Corporation, we call that “a good start”.

To achieve levels of precision beyond what mere CNC machining can deliver – our machinists routinely refine critical surfaces to 0.001 in. to ensure the highest levels of test system performance and reliability.

Let’s take a closer look at some recently produced precision components.

A closer look at some recently produced components. Next-level precision drives extreme shock, vibration, and acoustic testing performance.
Pictured above: Three sizes of specialized, precision piston rods; large, medium and small.

Large Piston
12 inch / 304.8 mm stroke to be installed in a test system designed to run the MIL 901 barge test.

MIL-S-901, currently MIL-S-901D, is a military specification published by the DoD for the purpose of outlining shock testing requirements for Navy shipboard machinery, equipment, systems and structures. It is a commonly requested testing requirement for shipboard rugged servers, rugged workstations and other shipboard systems and equipment owned and operated by the U.S. Navy.

See a powerful test system in action utilizing this type of piston:

Medium-Sized Piston
(2.5 inch / 63.5 mm displacement) for 50 series actuator to be used in a horizontal test system for package testing of consumer electronics.

Check out the horizontal vibration test systems and learn about our patented high-performance T-Film bearing system.

Small-Sized Piston
Designed for installation with a poppet valve on the end and integrated into an acoustic air modulator which will be installed in a progressive wave tube.

See the type of test systems where these pistons are used:

Team Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance custom vibration test systems and components. How we do it lies within our unique combination of skill, passion, experience, commitment to innovation, technical development and customer service.


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