92ND Shock and Vibration Symposium

Join us at the 92nd Shock and Vibration Symposium

September 18-22, 2022 | DENVER, CO
Visit us in booth G14

Our shock and vibration test system experts will be on hand to discuss your next shock and vibration testing initiatives. Also joining us in the booth is our NVT Group Partner company, Data Physics.

About Data Physics

Data Physics has been pioneering high-performance vibration testing and signal analysis in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries since 1984. We design and manufacture a complete range of air and water-cooled electrodynamic shakers, vibration controllers, and dynamic signal analyzers.

The modern 900 Series analyzer and controller enables simultaneous dynamic signal analysis and shaker vibration control, leveraging a compact hardware form factor with exceptional dynamic range, phase accuracy, and intuitive software which auto-aggregates your data into an easily searchable relational database.

Data Physics controllers lead the industry in multi-shaker vibration control, and our MIMO controllers are trusted to control the world’s most advanced multi-shaker vibration tables including multi-shaker single axis, 3-DOF, 6-DOF, 6+DOF, over-actuated systems, IMMAT/modal control, and more.

Their unique soft-shutdown technology – engineered to protect high-value test articles – proved to be an invaluable feature, critical to the successful testing of the recently launched James Webb Space Telescope.

About Team Corporation

Team Corporation designs and manufactures high-performance, mission-critical vibration testing systems for the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries. The innovative design and engineering of our hydrostatic bearings and coupling systems enable precise operation in demanding multi-axis NVH and BSR testing applications through an impressive operating frequency range. From the world’s most powerful multi-axis test system at NASA Plum Brook Station, to the Tensor™ and CUBE™ 6-DOF systems, to the unmatched T-Film bearing technology – Team Corporation delivers on its promise to deliver the most precise, highest-performance hydraulic and electro-hydraulic vibration test systems, period.

About the Shock and Vibration Symposium

The annual Shock and Vibration Symposium is the leading forum for the structural dynamics and vibration community to present and discuss new developments and ongoing research. The Symposium was established in 1947 and typically includes both unclassified (unlimited and limited distribution) and classified sessions.

Topics covered at the symposium include shock-ship testing, water shock, weapons effects (air blast, ground shock, cratering, penetration) shock physics, earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, and shock and vibration instrumentation and experimental techniques. Over 200 technical papers are typically presented.

Panel discussions address topics such as new software developments or accelerometer isolation problems. Tutorials provide up-to-date technology overviews by leading specialists.


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