Multi-Axis Vibration Test Systems

Multi-degree-of-freedom (MDoF) or multi-axis testing is a methodology where excitations are applied to a test article along more than one axis. In traditional vibration testing, test articles are traditionally actuated in a single axis of motion at a time. This type of testing requires minimal test equipment and usually only a single actuator coupled to a vibration table. One of the challenges of this technique is the changeover time between test setups, especially if one must rotate the shaker and remove the test object.

Recreating Real-World Dynamics

While some product scenarios in the real-world might see vibratory contributions primarily in a single axis, all will face 6-degrees-of-freedom excitations. There is expanding knowledge that indicates MDoF test methods are a more realistic approach than traditional vibration testing and introduce new failure modes that are not currently being designed against.

Our Multi-Axis Vibration Test Systems

Team Corporation is a pioneer in the field of multi-axis vibration testing, advancing our solutions with decades of experience.

We offer the following multi-axis vibration systems:

  • The Cube™ 6 DoF Vibration Test System: These shaker tables offer six degrees of control to accurately reproduce practically any vibration environment with high frequencies and precise control.
  • Tensor 18kN™ High Frequency 6 DoF Vibration Test System: This system has four shakers in each axis, producing 3,600 lbf. per axis.
  • Tensor 900™ High Frequency 6 DoF Vibration Test System: Our fully contained vibration test system offers all six degrees of freedom through a 5-kilohertz bandwidth.
  • MANTIS™ 6 DoF Vibration Test System: MANTIS™ is ideally suited for applications requiring large displacement, high-frequency, and extended payload capacity.

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