High Frequency MDoF Vibration Testing Advances Satellite and Aerospace Development

Did someone say, “mission-critical”?  

Expect on-target testing results with the most accurate, high frequency Multi Degree of Freedom (MDoF) vibration test systems on the market.

If your advanced avionics and/or aerospace testing and development necessitates the most accurate simulation of real-world vibration events, you’ll no doubt want to be armed with an advanced, high frequency MDoF vibration test system.

A pioneer in the MDoF vibration test system world, Team Corporation has developed two high frequency 6 DoF vibration test models, the Tensor 900 and the Tensor 18 kN.  The essential difference is one of table size and force. The 900 has a small table suitable for PCB testing – 20 cm x 20 cm.  With a force rating of 900 N per axis, the Tensor 900 can produce controllable random profiles from 10 Hz through 5 kHz. The Tensor 18 kN has a table approximately 75 cm x 75 cm and a force per axis of 18 kN.  It is designed to produce random profiles of about 10 Grms on a 25 kg payload with a bandwidth from 5 Hz through 2 kHz.

Tensor™ 900 High Frequency 6 DoF Vibration Test System Spotlight

The Team Corporation Tensor 900 is a highly sophisticated test system utilizing 12 electrodynamic actuators (4 in each axis), which provides simultaneous high frequency response in all six degrees of freedom (6DoF) as well as true 6 degrees of control – including rotational control.

No other high frequency 6 DoF system manufacturer can make this claim.

 Typical Applications Include:

• Testing of sensitive electronics and subcomponents that are susceptible to high frequency vibrations, such as: avionics, guidance systems, PCBs, and hard drive testing

• Tin whisker research

• Accelerated durability, life cycle and fatigue cycling

• Precise product development investigation

• Rapid screening of electrical components and modules

Tensor 900 System Features:

• Simultaneous or sequential excitation of X, Y, and/or Z axes

• Accurate replication of true, real-world vibration environments in all 6 DoF

• Force Rating of 200 lbf (900 N) in both Sine and Random

• Complete control of rotations around all axes

• Bandwidth from 10 Hz through 5 kHz

• 20 Grms acceleration on nominal payload

• Addresses new multi-axis testing protocol in MIL STD 810(G)

• Fully contained system (electrical power only requirement)

Tensor 900 High Frequency 6 DoF Vibration Test System

Design and Performance Details:

The system is over-constrained by design to allow for greater control of the working table. The Tensor 900 uses electrodynamic shakers designed and manufactured by Team Corporation, utilizing Team’s proven voice coil and hydrostatic bearing designs. The system’s actuators are oil-cooled and oil-guided to offer high stiffness and transmissibility to the test setup. Exceptional accuracy is also due in part to Team’s patented hydrostatic spherical couplings – exhibiting extreme stiffness for exceptional translation and cross-axis control.

By coupling electrodynamic shakers to the moving element with friction-free hydrostatic bearings, the Tensor has the performance to produce true multi-axis excitation to frequency levels previously attainable only in a single axis. The system uses dynamic control of all six degrees of freedom to precisely reproduce the desired response, from 10 through 5 kHz. This also minimizes the moving mass of the table, which results in a more efficient use of available shaker power. 

The unique arrangement of shakers around and under the moving table facilitates dynamic control of mode shapes, resulting in better control. This feature offers unparalleled control precision, taking advantage of the sophisticated algorithms that form the basis of the test controller software.

LEARN MORE: Access and download our MDoF white paper:

LEARN MORE: Access and download our MDoF white paper:

MDoF Control System Details:

To get the most realistic simulation from this advanced 6DoF vibration test system, an equally advanced control system is necessary.

The Data Physics 800 Series is a feature-rich MIMO vibration controller developed around Mil-810 Method 527 that adapts to any multi-shaker configuration. The 800 Series controller can reproduce any type of vibration: Random, Sine, Shock/SRS, Mixed Mode, or Replication. It can control setups with different amplifiers and shakers, off-center masses, and accounts for 3D structural resonances in its control loop – allowing you to get the most out of the Tensor 900 table.

The Data Physics 800 Series Vibration Controller numerically breaks down the Tensor table and Device Under Test (DUT) into controllable degrees of freedom including the 6 translations/rotations, and any modes in the test band. At low frequencies where the Tensor table is rigid, the 800 Series Vibration Controller drives all 12 of the Tensor’s actuators, taking care to ensure they don’t fight each other and that they are driven as equally as possible.

At higher frequencies where the table is not rigid, the controller uses the table’s actuators to counteract the first few modes of the table – extending the bandwidth at which the table remains rigid.  This advanced capability of the Data Physics 800 Series Controller and the Team Tensor 900 allows for more accurate high frequency 6 DoF testing than ever before possible.

Trusted by many leading aerospace and defense agencies, Team Corporation’s unique Tensor test systems raise the bar for high frequency 6 DoF vibration test systems.

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